Welcome to Desi Express.

We’re a weekly newspaper offering News & Views about Canadian South Asian Heritage. We distribute throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

What is our mandate, our vision, our goal?

— Our mandate is to be our diverse communities’ representative and champion in the truest sense.

— Our vision is to be a thoughtful, objective forum for respectful yet robust, dynamic dialogue for our communities, held in a secular, inclusive environment that celebrates our successes, yet doesn’t hesitate our drawbacks, in the wider Canadian, South Asian context.

— Our goal? Simply, to be the best.

In this quest, we seek your active engagement in making Desi Express truly reflective of our News & Views, and our proud Canadian South Asian Heritage.

Desi Express copies can be picked up across Peel, in Mississauga and Brampton, in the Halton Region’s Oakville, Milton and Burlington areas, through North York’s Vaughan, Richmond Hill and Markham — and of course, through Toronto itself, right from Etobicoke to Scarborough, encompassing the Downtown Core and Gerrard Street’s Little India.

We currently distribute through popular grocery outlets, community congregation centres, and libraries and other public organizations.

Copies can also be mailed direct to your doorstep for $1; call 905-488-4797.

Make Desi Express your regular reading habit.